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Whether you've never had music lessons before, just need a push to get playing each week, or want to take your playing to a higher level... give me a call and I'll be happy to help.

If you'd like to arrange some lessons or want to discuss particular requirements please contact me on the telephone number above or click on the link to the left to fill in a form.

I specialise in classical guitar as that is my main training, but also enjoy teaching recorder and flute having initially been requested to do this several years ago. On Saturdays, lessons are also available in piano, singing, violin and celtic harp from Jean Nelson (M.Mus) of Dumfries.

Learning Guitar

My guitar lessons combine classical guitar tuition with an introduction to chord playing. I work hard to ensure that players of all ages and abilities progress steadily at a pace suited to their individual circumstances and am keen that all students can play many pieces with enjoyment and confidence at whatever level they are working. For those inclined I also encourage participation in the Ayrshire Music Festival, and also actively encourage ensemble playing amongst my students as there are so many benefits to be extracted from this experience. Most of my teaching is conducted on a one to one basis however group lessons are possible and are arranged where abilities and timetables allow.

Recorder and flute

The recorder is an excellent instrument for a music student to begin with and most can move quickly on to playing guitar or flute with extra confidence. As with guitar ensemble playing is promoted and all instruments are invited to take part in groups at Christmas for informal concerts organized for family and friends. These concerts are always popular and lots of fun.

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Saturday lessons in Violin, Piano, Singing and
Celtic Harp from Jean Nelson
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